Thailand largest Automotive company partnered with eBorn for integrated CRM Solution

eBorn recently completed SAP CRM & CRM Analytics implementation for one of the largest Automotive giant in Thailand. This is the first successful implementation of SAP CRM along with DBM Integration in Thailand, 260 dealers across Thailand are using this system. Team of 6 CRM specialists along with Experts managed complete solution design for SAP CRM with end to end integration.

It was really amazing to manage & work with such a large team of approximately 100+ consultants from different SAP Implementation partners and different part of the world and culture.

Major challenges:

1. Volume of data

> Data duplicity is avoided, such as customer de-duplication check .and Service transactions are not replicated in SAP CRM with error management

2. Integration between SAP CRM and SAP DBM

> Standard SAP Middleware was enhanced for replication of data between SAP CRM and SAP DBM
> Middleware queues were managed in such a way that even if so many users are working with huge amount of data, data is flowing seamlessly across the systems.

3. Auto Calculation of Next service date for the customer based on Mileage and last service date , and follow up with customers using different communication channels.

> Complete New application was designed and scheduled , which will automatically checks the mileage from the service orders and calculates next service date and create follow-up in the SAP CRM using readymade templates

4. Interface with Multiple systems

> SAP PI is used for integrating multiple systems with SAP CRM

5. Making live for pilot dealer and rolling out over remaining dealers

> Master data was loaded for all the dealers
> Interface between dealer legacy system and SAP CRM till the dealer is moved to SAP CRM, and switching off the interface after roll-out
> Duplication check for the data from dealers for master as well as transaction

6. Campaign & Lead Management integration with SAP DBM

> Custom middleware was developed to replicate campaign and lead Between SAP CRM and SAP DBM so that lead and discount offered from CRM can be used in SAP DBM

7. Questionnaire with dynamic questions along with Follow-up, to get customer feedback

> Web UI Enhancement is done to design complete dynamic screen and attached this screen on SAP CRM standard Web-UI.

8. Complaint workflow

> Standard workflow has been enhanced with multiple steps to manage complex structure & Flow of complaint management.



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