Customer Experience Management

Today’s customers are digitally connected, socially networked, and better informed than they ever have been before. These empowered consumers demand outstanding service and a unique experience whenever they interact with their utility companies.

Gain a 360-degree real-time view of customers to enhance service, marketing, and sales. Satisfy empowered and connected customers by responding to their requests quickly and efficiently through use of the channel or device they prefer.

Utilities want to grow their business and achieve a loyal and satisfied customer base that is responsive to their demand management efforts. This depends not only on great products and services but also on top-quality interaction with existing and future customers.

In the world of more demanding customers and the smart energy revolution, utilities must leverage the value in Big Data to stay relevant as partners to customers.

Organizations that implement our Customer Experience solution can quickly realize benefits in several ways:
• Enables leading practices with innovative business process designs based on user-experience thinking.
• Provides a strong business case and a value-driven approach with predictable outcomes.
• Improves sales growth by maximizing customer face time and shortening sales cycles.
• Increases customer retention and loyalty, and reduces the cost of service operations by driving self-service across channels.
• collaboration between sales, service, social marketing and digital operations across your organization.
• Simplifies your technology landscape with real-time integration across solution modules.
• out-of-the-box mobility to lower your IT total cost of ownership.

• Know the Customer: Gain real-time insight into customers and markets. enabling personal
and meaningful communication through customers’ preferred channels.
• Provide Efficient Customer Service: Equip call centers to answer questions and improve satisfaction. Attractive,
efficient self-service solutions reduce cost and improve the customer experience.
• Excite High-Value Customers: Collaborate as one team to provide the best offer to large customers.
Arm sales agents everywhere with customer insights.
• Deliver Up to Expectations: Efficiently handle all products and services in billing and invoicing.
Tailor collection processes and manage high transaction volumes.

Components of CEM
• Applications: Provide all the backbone functionality needed to run a utility at top performance rates.
• Discover: Discover key customer insights and accurately segment target audiences at lightning speed.
• Mobile: Make location-based mobile offers that are in context and personalized. Provide accessibility
to sales information anytime and anywhere. Empower customers to manage their own accounts.
• Analytics: Listen to the voice of the customer in real time to control and improve brand value. Rapidly and
readily segment large customer populations based on their consumption details.



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