• Engineering Solutions business unit of eBorn, aligns Technology, Businesses and Customers through innovative frameworks.
  • We deliver future-ready digital convergence solutions across Automotive, Industrial Equipment, Transportation, Consumer Products, Healthcare and Hi-Tech products.
  • eBorn helps deliver high impact through manufacturing oriented processes to provide unique concept-to-manufacture solutions which have a significant impact on mitigating risk and improving time-to-market of components through automotive technology. We provide best in class automotive engineering software services to help you improve and revitalize your engineering services.

How eBorn Helps

  • Offering business transformation insights and recommendations
  • Deploying process and technology improvements across ERP, project control, engineering design, information management, IT operations and HSSE
  • Adoption of next generation technologies and solutions such as analytics, mobility, collaboration, IOT for improved productivity, intelligent decision making, collaboration across extended ecosystem and effective project execution
  • Joint value propositions and broadening services through operational systems integration and IT infrastructure offerings

Areas Covered
eBorn delivers services to the Engineering industry in

  • Enterprise Project Management & Control
  • Engineering Design Document Management Solution
  • Process Automation
  • Operational Systems Integration


  • Production Planning
  • Document Management Solution
  • Gate Entry

Our Credentials

  • Preferred service partner for Engineering company
  • Experience across North & South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, East Asia



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