Integrated Production & Sales Planning

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Plan and cost production using real time sales forecasts whilst understanding the impact on your P&L statement immediately

We believe you have the expertise and knowledge to efficiently run your operations, including incorporating best practices that can include: level loading, Just-In-Time, Lean Manufacturing, Theory-of-Constraints, and even optimization. All you need are some tools to assist. That’s where we come in, offering production scheduling solution for SAP that adapts to how you choose to work. We provide adaptable offerings to accommodate specific needs for creating and maintaining a realistic, repeatable, and efficient master production schedule.

• eBorn’s delivers pre-configured planning with seamless integration between sales and production forecasting and planning data in your SAP ERP solution.
• Plan production based on sales forecasts with the impact on the income statement instantly available as parameters change
• Analyse alternative scenarios, including price & volume changes in near real-time
• Price Cost of Sales directly from your Bills of Material and Routing, highlighting the impact on profitability of changes in sales volumes, sales prices and production input process

Components of Integrated Production & Sales Planning
• Production Shop Floor Planning



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