Procurement & Spent Management

With the rapid development of enterprises and the market competition becoming increasingly fierce, enterprises pay more attention to the cost control, risk management and performance assessment in sourcing and procurement process.
eBorn’s SMS will help enterprise for analyzing, understanding and managing the enterprise’s entire expenditures with the purpose to save cost and improve process efficiency.

Our teams of Software Specialists, Implementation Consultants and Support Agents all have deep industry knowledge and look forward to providing you with a tailored solution to meet your needs. You will be guided each step of the way with our top-rated customer care and a tailored solution.

• Category and commodity experts in local & region markets
• Vast knowledge base of historical and current market prices
• Aggregated spend by commodity, supplier & category from disparate sources, languages, currencies
• Artificial Intelligence-based tools and algorithms, sourcing- and industry-specific taxonomies
• Data classification accuracy of more than 95% (group, family, category and component levels)
• Spend visibility at line item-level across categories and business units
• Product specification including quality, availability and service requirements
• Comparison of attributes across suppliers and commodities
• Enhanced vendor normalization and parent-child linkage
• Data enrichment including D&B scores, diversity and sustainability information
• Current contract costs, terms, and conditions
• Comprehensive reports, multi-dimensional analysis
• Understanding of all fixed and variable cost drivers for total cost of ownership
• Strategic sourcing strategies for cost reduction
• Execution by experienced global sourcing teams

Components of P&SM
• Consulting
• Spend Optimization Consulting
• Contract Management
• Procurement
• Expense Management
• Spend Visibility



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