Warehouse Management Solution

Moving your inventory to and fro your warehouse can be messy, but RFID and RFID asset tracking/tagging can help you monitor your warehouse inventory and provide complete visibility.

Optimization of Warehouse Space to Increase Profits: eBorn’s Warehouse Solution using RFIDs can help maximize space/factory floor utilization, reduce operating costs, improve customer service and increase production without adding additional manpower.

Lower Capital Expenditures & Optimization of Ground Support Equipment Operations: RFIDs can aid with battery and fluid monitoring, status and location monitoring, access control, safety and security audits, reporting KPIs and status and location monitoring.

Seamless Vehicle Tracking: RFIDs have the ability to decrease on-site waiting time for vehicles and speed up inventory load and unload processes.

• Automated Warehouse and Yard Management: RFIDs can help your company: identify shipping bottlenecks and rapidly adjust delivery schedules, access historical data on location and status of assets (without written logs), achieve increased supply chain visibility to meet SLAs and automate workflows and processes while capturing data on tracked assets across various sites.

• Better Coordination
• Helps reduce labor costs
• Simplify business processes
• Reduces inventory errors and inaccuracies
• Helps prevent theft
• Helps prevent the distribution and sale of counterfeit products
• Reduces waste
• Decreases the need for manual checks and counts
• Reduces inventory handling costs
• Decreases claims and deductions
• Helps to reduce out-of-stocks and improve inventory turns
• Improves order fill rates
• Increases distribution center productivity
• Helps to create a more adaptable supply chain

Components of Warehouse Management Solution
• WMS Integrated Software – The functions that are available and the general process flow are determined by your an integrated WMS software with client software.

• Barcode Scanner – Not all functions in your warehouse may need mobile devices but still require scanning. Scanners offer a range of durability, long range or 2D scanning and cordless operation to fit your specific needs.

• Wireless Infrastructure – Many businesses need system updates to occur in real-time and a wireless network required to do so. No matter the size of your facility, a network can be scaled to accommodate it and your bandwidth needs.

• Barcode Printer – Inventory and shipping labels are necessary for any warehouse to process inventory. Fixed and mobile printers can be utilized to ensure that everything has and scannable ID so it can be sorted and shipped properly.



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