Why eBorn

Working with us
eBorn is a family of more than 150 professionals. We have created culture of professional commitment, trust, Loyalty and care. We seek people not only with expertise and skills but also passionate about what they do. We create collaborative teams that value individual talent in order to deliver business and technology solutions that work.

Employees of eBorn area treated with dignity and in accordance with eBorn policy of maintaining a work environment free of all forms of harassment, whether physical, verbal or psychological. Employee policies and practices are administered in a manner consistent with applicable laws and other provisions of this Code, respect for the right to privacy and the right to be heard, and that in all matters equal opportunity is provided to those eligible and decisions are based on merit.

@ eBorn
eBorn has always focused on developing the best talent as we believe that our people are our best competitive advantage and our most valued assets which play a pivotal role in the growth of the organization
We believe that our people are special and a key to making the difference between a Better company and a Great company by making a difference to our clients, and community.

Here are few things what you can expect at eBorn:

  • eBorn is driving SAP technology as one of the most reputed company in India and abroad
  • We are working on niche projects which are critical in providing the edge to our customers in this competitive market.
  • Our clients look at eBorn as their trusted partner which can help in achieving excellence in their operations and customer satisfaction
  • We have very structured work culture, which provides opportunities for employees to work on large projects and understand building blocks for successful project implementation and key driving factors.
  • We are a Mid-Sized company in terms of revenue but our passion is bigger than large size company in terms of making project successful. Our environment encourage you to feel that your presence is making a difference and you are empowered to take decisions.
  • We are working on projects across the globe and this experience helps you dramatically increase your ability to understand the international culture and global project needs.
  • Today, we are among the fastest growing company in our segment which offers a Career growth to our employees.

Working Environment
eBorn has a culture which is mixture of Maturity of Experience / Expertise and Vibrancy of Youth. Our Average Age is Less than 30 years. We strive to create and maintain open work culture which allows individual employee freedom to express and follow his/her Career dreams within overall organisation. The work atmosphere at eborn will automatically imprint in teams efficiency and effectiveness, hence helps them grow as a professional, and also as a person.

Opportunities at eBorn
eBorn provides opportunities to build faster growth career with a strong Mentoring structure.
eBorn provides equal opportunities to all its employees and all qualified applicants for employment irrespective of their race, caste, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability. Our Human resource policies promote diversity and equality in the workplace, as well as compliance with all local labor laws, while encouraging the adoption of international best practices.

HR Initiatives
eBorn follows a structured process for determining organizational goals objectives and also plans to achieve them. HR initiatives ensure an integrated work environment that supports and enhances performance and skill development for every employee. Eborn runs many HR initiatives for employees to encourage individual as well as teams to demonstrate their potential. At eBorn, training needs are identified and employee goals are streamlined to promote career growth and performance. At eborn we are committed for your consistent growth. We always believe knowledge is largest asset for an individual and regularly conducting training sessions on diversified topic to ensure our team is gearing up as per the market need. On need basis we are also arranging SAP specialized training and certification for our employees.



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